Here is a link to the video of Sunday’s service, including the worship songs, announcements, the sermon, and the post-service chat session.

[Note from Eric: the first couple of minutes are silent, because I forgot to switch to the Zoom audio feed for the broadcast; sorry about that. Don’t crank up your computer’s volume trying to hear it, or else the sound will be very loud once it starts, at 2:08.]

YouTube link:

Facebook link:[0]=AZXLJaLHlJzYtao5iNMSQO-Gbzquj1GXHyhn8b-5H_E4d96d-al9-62tWQI3KzDi0Kw4-4kFmtiP6F5Ic5cBXh3ngwS1wjPXTaKI_c3CWmcV8jRt2u1HXoI9I1-rOG4_2U0inw5fDSDpkh_58RtVcMVS_Wlv60eQw1fiEfVhJJ8RzQ&tn=%2CO%2CP-R