COVID-19 may force us to keep our distance, but it teaches us how much we need contact with others.

Your neighbours are probably feeling lonely and disconnected. They need to know that God cares. They will know that if you let God’s love overflow through you.

Here is a practical way to show concern for your neighbour. Print out these cards at home. Write a personal note, or share how to connect with your church on the back. (Take all precautions to make this a sanitary and safe gift–first, wear gloves and mask and sanitize the pen you will use.)

Then drop it in your neighbour’s mailbox and pray for them. If they contact you, be faithful to follow through to the best of your ability.

Do not make promises you cannot keep, or offer to do things contrary to the direct orders of our civil authorities, or anything that may jeopardize health.

You can download the cards here:

This great idea came from The Gospel Coalition. Check out their site. You can read their article here: