Fellowship Church is community of people called by God, trusting Jesus, and carrying out his mission together. The pastors are only part of the community. So, I (Pastor Alex) want to include as many people as possible from our church in our videos.

I invite you to enter into Sunday’s sermon through a game of VIRTUAL TAG. I need FOUR short VIDEOS from you:

  1. A tag – a hand tagging a shoulder. No faces should be in this video.
  2. Your reaction to being tagged – Show us how surprised your are at being IT
  3. Your sneaky sneak – Show us how you prey upon your target
  4. The Pounce – Show us your crazy attack, jumping or lunging.

When I edit these together, it will look like you’re all playing one game of tag across our city and region.

Please send your videos to alex@prfellowship.ca or by DM through facebook: www.facebook.com/alex.hogendoorn

IF you include kids in the video, please ensure that the parents/guardians pass on permission for me to include them.