Freedom Session is a 20 week, intensive healing-discipleship journey to live the life Jesus won for you in freedom.

It will run in 2 semesters. You will be asked to pay for the second semester in January.

ONLINE REGISTRATION: $40 for first semester only
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Freedom Session uncovers the roots of pain in our lives and invites Jesus Christ to heal those areas of our hearts. We will deals with real issues…pornography, broken marriages, sexual woundedness and abuse, depression, anger, fear and addiction. Beneath these symptoms, you will find a wounded and empty heart, looking for hope and meaning. As Jesus begins to heal the heart, the unhealthy and destructive ways we used to escape the pain in our lives become less and less attractive. Shame loses its grip on our lives and the lies that controlled us are replaced by God’s truth.

In its simplest form, Freedom Session is writing your story with a new and God-inspired ending.

Thursdays, 7:00 PM

Opening session: October 3

End of SECOND Semester: March 14, 2019

(We charge only for the first semester now because we recognize that some may not make it all the way through. Payment for the second semester is due in January.)

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