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The Foolishness of God

(June 30, 2019) Pastor Alex shares a message based on 1 Corinthians 1: 18-31. The message of the cross seems foolish by the world’s way of thinking, but it is actually the one reliable truth in a world of confusion and conflict.

The Faithful in Prince Pupert

(June 23, 2019) Pastor Alex shares a message based on 1 Corinthians 15:58. Whatever you do in the name of Jesus, at home or around the world, your work is not in vain!

Ready, Set, Go

(May 19, 2019) Pastor Alex shares a message, the final sermon in a series on screen-time addiction, based on Matthew 21: 23 – 32. Addictions and distractions are a restraint, a chain that holds us back from the race we are meant to run… but Jesus can set us free!

Counting The Cost

(May 12, 2019) Pastor Alex continues a series of messages on screen-time addiction. The scripture passage is Luke 14: 25  – 33; Jesus calls people to first count the cost before choosing to follow him, because to truly obey him will cost everything (and be worth it). To follow him only half-heartedly, missing great opportunities, […]

First Steps Out Of Isolation

(May 5, 2019) Pastor Alex shares a message about our society’s problem with screen-time. People of all ages are spending far more time connected to screens (the internet, TV, games, etc.) than is healthy, becoming isolated from everything else. We deeply need to connect to God, to each other, and to nature. In John 7: […]

Glorifying Jesus Through Unity

(April 28, 2019) Today’s message (based on John 17: 9 – 12) is from David Horita, the regional director for The Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches of Canada Pacific, a partnership to which our home church belongs. He speaks on the importance of partnership and unity between Christians, for the purpose of pursuing the mission Jesus has called […]

A Hunger For The True God

(April 21, 2019) Pastor Alex shares a message based on Acts 17: 16 – 34. Everyone has a hole in their life, a hunger that only God can truly satisfy. And he doesn’t want to leave us stumbling in the darkness searching for him; he sent Jesus, to show us exactly what he is like. […]

Full-Body Workout

(April 14, 2019) Pastor Alex shares a message from 1 Corinthians 12: 12 – 27. The church is the body of Christ; the body has many different parts, with many different strengths and weaknesses, but it is still one single body. Every part is needed; each of us is worthy of support and encouragement from […]

Flee Idolatry

(April 7, 2019) Pastor Alex shares a message from 1 Corinthians 10. Anything that we are tempted to put in the highest place in our lives, the place that only God is worthy to occupy, can become an idol. We are meant to be God’s people, and only he can truly satisfy our needs; anything […]

True Worship

(March 17, 2019) Pastor Alex shares a message from Isaiah 58. Sincere worship of God means loving our neighbours, caring for them in whatever way is in our power to do.