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Where I Belong

Pastor Alex finishes the Questions series with a message from Romans 12: 3 – 8, addressing the question “Do I need to go to church to be a Christian?”

Sin Rules, Grace Leads

Pastor Nathan shares a message from Romans 6: 12 – 14, to answer the question of whether Christianity is all about following rules. As it turns out, everybody follows rules of some kind; the main point of our faith is to have a personal relationship with God.

Found Spirituality

Pastor Nathan shares a message based on Romans 8: 9 – 11; Jesus is the only one who can truly satisfy our deep need for purpose and belonging.

Good News!

Today Pastor Alex shares a message about the trustworthiness of the Bible; it is internally consistent, and every part of it ultimately points to Jesus as our redeemer king. This true story of Jesus is the Gospel (a word which means “Good News”)!

Jesus: God’s Plan

Today Pastor Alex continues the series, Intro to Christianity. Today’s message based on Romans 5, about the reason that our sin separates us (humanity) from God, and why Jesus is able bridge the gap and reconcile us to God.

“Does It Make Sense?”

Pastor Alex begins a series focused on answering some of the big questions about the Christian faith. Today’s message is about the evidence for the existence of God, and how he can let the world be the way it is.

Making Us Whole

Pastor Alex shares a message based on Luke 6:6-11, an account of Jesus healing a man’s withered hand on the Sabbath day. The religious teachers who were watching were angry about this, because it broke the rules that had been written to interpret God’s command to keep the Sabbath as a day of rest and […]

Faith Worth Sharing: Forgiveness of Sins

Central to the Good News of Jesus is the promise of “the forgiveness of sins.” Pastor Alex shares from Luke 24 and Acts 2 how this promise becomes a reality because of our risen Lord and the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Faith Worth Sharing: Seek and Save

Looking at the stories of the lost sheep and the lost coin from Luke 15, Pastor Alex shares God’s heart for the lost and his joy when they are found.

Run with Endurance

Pastor Alex shared again from Hebrews 12:1-4, digging into what it means to endure like Jesus did.