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The Heavenly Community

(March 10, 2019) Pastor Alex shares a message based on Ephesians 1:22 – 2:10. In modern society, human beings have become increasingly isolated from each other, and the reasons for this trace back to the same sinful nature that has plagued us for thousands of years. Jesus gives us the example to follow in making […]

Jesus Be My King

(March 3, 2019) Pastor Alex shares a message based on a phrase that occurs several times in the book of Judges: “In those days Israel had no king; everyone did as they saw fit.” Without accountability to the authority of Jesus, we will blend in with the rest of our fallen world… whereas with his leadership, we […]

When God Asks For All

(February 24, 2019) Pastor Alex unpacks a difficult story from Judges 11: 29 -40; the story of Jephtha’s vow. Sometimes God asks us to give up something that we have greatly desired. Obeying his call will be worth it, and is the right choice, but we need to trust Him.

Measuring Prophecy

(February 17, 2019) Pastor Alex shares a message, based on 1 John 3:16 – 4:6, about discerning between true and false prophecy. (The Bible has some very practical instructions on this.)

Downpour: God’s Gift

Today, Pastor Alex shares the first part of a two-part series on prophecy. What is prophecy, and why should we expect to receive it?

Grace For Days

Pastor Alex shares a message based on Romans 8: 31 – 39. God gives abundantly to us; justification, intercession, power, and love that nothing in all creation can take away.

Life In Control

Pastor Alex shares a message based on Romans 5:17. As receivers of God’s grace and righteousness, we can experience victory in our lives, even in the midst of chaos.

Future Planning

Pastor Alex shares a word based on Joshua 14. Those who walk in faith will receive what God has promised them; an inheritance to be shared with future generations.

Peace On Earth

(December 23, 2018) As we prepare for Christmas, pastor Alex brings a message from 1 Chronicles 17; God’s covenant with king David, a promise of ultimate peace in the world. To bring peace in the world, we first need God’s peace within our souls.

What Is Sacred?

(December 16, 2018) Pastor Alex brings a message from Exodus 19, on the meaning of holiness; God’s righteousness, and being set apart by God for a special purpose.