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The Living Hope

(August 25, 2019) Jason Wick shares a message based on 1 Peter 1 : 3 – 7. The salvation offered to us by God, through Jesus, is the one source of certain and expectant hope in our lives. Everything else will fade away, but our life with God will endure forever.

The Cost of Unity

(August 18, 2019) Pastor Alex shares a message today, based on Ephesians 2:14 and Psalm 133. Unity, peace with our brothers and sisters, is hard to find and even harder to keep… but it is also incredibly valuable; we need each other. Unity requires serious effort, but ultimately Jesus has already paid the cost.

When My Idols Are Taken

(August 11, 2019) Kyle Cornett-Ching shares a message based on Judges 17, Judges 18 : 1 – 26, and Philippians 2: 5 – 11. Our idols, the things we live for instead of God, are broken attempts to reach God; they cannot succeed. When our idols are taken from us, and we feel like we […]

The Joy Column

(Aug. 4, 2019) Herb Pond shares a message based on James 1: 1 – 18. We can’t choose whether to face trials in life, and we can’t decide what emotions to feel… but we can consciously choose to “count it all as joy” when we face trials that test our faith, as this is how […]

Light Up Your Life

(July 28, 2019) Pastor Nathan shares a message based on Acts 26:18. Sin can enslave us, especially in the form of habitual sin, and hidden shame. Darkness is all over our world, and in the corners of our souls. But Jesus is stronger than our sin; he brings forgiveness, light, and the power to break […]

The Christian Life

(July 21, 2019) Cam shares a message based on Philippians 4: 4 – 9, about how the life of a Christian can draw people’s attention to Christ. Living an “attractive” Christian life doesn’t mean being comfortable all the time, it means being faithful and giving thanks to God in all circumstances. God gives us peace, […]

The Unstoppable Truth

(July 14, 2019) Pastor Zetho shares a message about God’s plan to save humanity from sin, spanning from Genesis to the present day. Throughout all that time, Satan keeps trying to separate people from God, using lies… but God’s truth has won again and again; it is unstoppable. Also, Pastor Zetho shares several stories of […]

You’ll Never Be The Same

(July 7, 2019) Pastor Alex will be away for the next few weeks, so our sermons are coming to us from deacons within our church, and from other local pastors. Today, Maynard shares a message, based on Matthew 16: 13 – 16. Jesus is alive today, calling people to himself, and saving their lives. He […]

The Foolishness of God

(June 30, 2019) Pastor Alex shares a message based on 1 Corinthians 1: 18-31. The message of the cross seems foolish by the world’s way of thinking, but it is actually the one reliable truth in a world of confusion and conflict.

The Faithful in Prince Pupert

(June 23, 2019) Pastor Alex shares a message based on 1 Corinthians 15:58. Whatever you do in the name of Jesus, at home or around the world, your work is not in vain!