You made a decision this year to read more of God’s Word. Awesome!

And you took some active steps toward that goal. Way to go!
You have the calendar, you followed our Facebook feed, you followed our Twitter account.

Now…what do you do with a verse each day? How do you get the most out of it?

Pray for the Spirit to guide you

Jesus promised us that the Holy Spirit would teach us. The Spirit inspired the people who wrote the Bible; he will illuminate the mind of the people who read the Bible.

Before you begin, stop and sincerely ask the Spirit of Jesus to lead you. Ask him to help you understand, and to believe, and to obey.


Meditate. Like you eat cotton candy

Nobody¬†chews cotton candy…unless they are weird. Us normal people suck on it and let it melt in our mouths.

Meditating on God’s Word is similar; you let the words remain in your mouth and savour them as you prayerfully repeat them.

  1. Put the emphasis on different words each time. Surprising truths will jump off the page!
  2. Ask some questions:
    1. What do I learn about God here? What calls me to worship him?
    2. Is there something here that will help others?
    3. Do I have sins I need to confess?

And…Listen. Wait on the Lord.

Obey. Do it

We are followers of Jesus. It means we go where he goes; we do what he does.

If God has prompted you to do something, do it. This will included:

  • A command from the Bible to follow
  • A way to show love and concern for another person who needs it
  • A call to pray for someone
  • A change you must make in your life
  • A conversation you must have

And if God calls you to it, he will empower you and accompany you as you follow through.