You have something worth telling other people: Jesus is really amazing and is worth following!

But we fear that our friends and family might get offended if we push our religion on them. So how can you share your faith in a way that won’t get their backs up?

Don’t Rely on a Formula

Many of us learned to share the good news of Jesus using techniques like The Bridge Illustration or Do vs. Done. They’re great, and I’ve used these and found they really can help people understand…

…in the right situations. If I pulled those out every time I shared my faith, it would sound canned and trite. It might even make my own faith shallower. Instead…

Share What Excites You

We share things all the time: Photos and videos that we like; health benefits of different foods; our favourite shows on Netflix. And nobody gets mad about it. We usually say thanks, and if it interests us we might share it with others too.

We naturally share whatever excites us.

When we share something gives us a new perspective, or helps us through a tough time, or gives us great joy, it sounds like a gift and not a sales pitch.

Keep Your Faith Fresh

Have you received something from God that has you excited today?

You might be embarrassed to serve a guest a wilted salad or leftovers. So keep your faith-fridge stocked daily with a fresh word from God.

Jesus sent his Holy Spirit to us to lead us each day, to teach us in the Bible every time we read it, to help us in all our times of need.

If we have nothing new to share right now, it might be because we haven’t asked God for anything new. “Ask, and you will receive, that your joy may be full,” Jesus promised. (John 16:24)

Opportunity Knocks

Now let God surprise you.

After you’ve read your Verse of the Day and prayed, ask God for an opportunity to share your faith with someone.

  • “God, I’d love to share this with someone else today!”
  • “Thank-you for this gift. Is there someone who needs this encouragement too? Help me hear their story.”
  • “I’m already thinking of how much this would encourage my friend…. Please give me wisdom and empathy to know when might be a good time to share this with them.”

And finally, one more prayer:

  • “Give me your courage to share this when the opportunity comes.”

Then test and see if this verse is true:

“I pray that the sharing of your faith may become effective for the full knowledge of every good thing that is in us for the sake of Christ.” (Philemon 6)