LIFE: What’s the Point?

Life doesn’t have the same feel that it had when we were younger. Partly that is because we grew up. Partly because the world has changed dramatically. And our souls have some big questions and we may wonder if the same answers still apply.

Join us as we explore these big questions and the contemporary issues that make these questions urgent:

  • May 14, Life: What’s the Point?
    • The tragedy of suicide forces the question What makes people give up hope?, and also the even bigger question What gives our lives meaning? What is the point? Our restless souls need to know where they belong.
  • May 21, Life: What’s Even Real?
    • Never have we been more connected and never more alone. Never have we had so much and felt so empty. Our exploration of virtual friendships and romance have left us needing a touch of the real. What is real and how do we find it?
  • May 28, Life: What’s It Even Worth?
    • We grieve as we watch others suffer. Is there a point where life is no longer worth it? How do we find a value in life when we have nothing left to offer? Is the best solution to simply take an early exit?

Sundays, 10:00am at Fellowship Baptist Church