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Easter Celebration Car Ride!

by ahogendoorn

We have an awesome plan for celebrating Easter this year. Even though we cannot gather in a building to worship, we will turn our city and villages into church buildings and fill them with joy! The Plan: Decorate your car with signs that say: “Christ is Lord; He is risen; Jesus saves” …or something like […]

Sunday Worship Service Videos, May 10, 2020

by Eric Speight

Here are the video elements from Sunday’s service online: Worship songs … Kids song (recorded last year) … Announcements with Pastor Nathan … Video Challenge: Share God’s Love Practically … Sermon … Closing Song

Share God’s Love, Practically

by ahogendoorn

COVID-19 may force us to keep our distance, but it teaches us how much we need contact with others. Your neighbours are probably feeling lonely and disconnected. They need to know that God cares. They will know that if you let God’s love overflow through you. Here is a practical way to show concern for […]

Sermon Video Challenge

by ahogendoorn

Fellowship Church is community of people called by God, trusting Jesus, and carrying out his mission together. The pastors are only part of the community. So, I (Pastor Alex) want to include as many people as possible from our church in our videos. I invite you to enter into Sunday’s sermon through a game of […]