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Church Survey

by ahogendoorn

We are beginning a Five Year Strategic Planning process and need the feedback from as many people as possible in the church and community of Prince Rupert. Please feel free to share this link and invite others to fill it out as well.

Search Committee: Preschool Director posting

by ahogendoorn

With great sadness, Christena Wittchen will step down from her position as Preschool Director at the end of June 2020. Between her time as a teacher and director, she has been with us for over 20 years! Fellowship Baptist Church is seeking a candidate for this position. Download the posting here. Feel free to share […]

How to Share Your Faith

by ahogendoorn

You have something worth telling other people: Jesus is really amazing and is worth following! But we fear that our friends and family might get offended if we push our religion on them. So how can you share your faith in a way that won’t get their backs up? Don’t Rely on a Formula Many […]

How to Read a “Verse of the Day”

by ahogendoorn

You made a decision this year to read more of God’s Word. Awesome! And you took some active steps toward that goal. Way to go! You have the calendar, you followed our Facebook feed, you followed our Twitter account. Now…what do you do with a verse each day? How do you get the most out […]